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Meet the artist

About My Storytelling style

What I seek in wedding photography

It’s important that our aesthetic and storytelling preferences match. Only if they do, I can deliver what you want. Here’s what I like – let’s see if we match!

For me, wedding photos should be more than just a documentation of what happened. I want them to capture the energy of the people and places at your wedding. I want them to capture the big, beautiful moments, but also the small, humorous ones happening in the background. I want them to convey the ambience of your wedding location both from far away and in the details.

I want to capture cinematic, but candid moments, with you looking like you’re in a movie playing yourself. Which you kind of have been doing all your life, it’s just that you needed somebody behind the camera. I’ll be directing when needed, but most of the time, I’m in the background letting things unfold naturally. I will give you the freedom to do all the things you usually do, including the slightly weird stuff. Especially that.

I also want your wedding story to include editorial style photos that are elegant and a little edgy. Think of Vogue cover pictures or the Antibride magazine – full of style and with a distinct attitude. If all this speaks to you – you know where to find me. Let’s make your photos as exciting as your wedding.

There is some kind of magic in the unexpected

about me

What makes my heart beat

It is important to me personally as well as for the results of my photography that we build a real connection with each other. I can’t wait to find out all about you! In turn, I will also be completely open and honest with you. For starters, here are some things about me:

  • I like to do all kinds of creative projects like pottery, painting and redesigning the interior of our apartment – and over and over again, I underestimate the amount of work
  • I love visiting classic art museums and since recently even baroque castles (if only they had used a little less gold)
  • I took wedding pictures for the TV show Guido’s Wedding Race on VOX (yes, that’s Shopping Queen Guido)
  • I’m a plant mom of about 30 house plants, but not a very diligent one – they would be lost without my plant watering app
  • I’m German and fluent in English since I lived in South Africa for a bit
  • My boyfriend Artem is originally from St. Petersburg, so I learn Russian and we get Christmas presents twice – success!
  • I go to a boxing club but I don’t hit anyone
  • You can get me very involved by starting a discussion of gender equality in wedding practices
  • When weddings didn’t take place because of Covid, I offered Tinder photo shoots and I was featured on Pro7 Galileo with them. Basically, Tinder got me through the lockdowns!
Wedding Photographer Munich Stories by Toni

Don’t wait, the time will never be just right.