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Featured Weddings

& stories of couples in love

Discover how I explore human connection to celebrate love in its unique ways: Documented so you can travel back to the occasion whenever you want, wrapped in the Stories by Toni style of storytelling and aesthetics, and individualised to capture all the nuances of your personality.

Discover how Lili & Stephan celebrated their Mallorca Wedding Weekend at scenic Casal Santa Eulalia. Including siesta in the pool!

Nina & Arnt were one of the few lucky couples to get married at Schloss Suresnes in Munich. Discover their classy, modern civil wedding in the heart of Munich!

Find out how an elegant 16th century villa in the hills of Verona provided a magnificent scenery for the classy wedding celebration of Laura & Chris!

What's your favorite date idea? This couple took wedding photographer Toni on their date at Berlin's Museum Island and became subjects in their own story of art. Explore their story!

A super personal wedding in the middle of Munich, followed by an after-midnight wedding rave with a glitter station. Get inspired!

The newlyweds Beccy & Moe got dressed in their wedding attire once more and went on a ride in a 1965 Ford Mustang. Discover the epic results!

A modern, sophisticated wedding concept meets industrial vibes at an old factory building. See how it all comes together!

Chasing true, imperfect stories
only real life can write.

A sunny, warm December day. A couple deeply in love. Discover how they celebrated their elegant city winter wedding in Munich!

Two souls - one story. Let’s make yours unique.